Bronwyn for Aiko4

Bronwyn for Aiko4

Bronwyn for Aiko4 - 51 Mb
Meet Bronwyn, she is cute and she is for Aiko4.
She has soft very feminine makeups, that will make her ideal for any scene you want to put her in.
An extremely versatile character for Aiko4.
Give Bronwyn a home in your runtime!!
Bronwyn's textures were designed using standard Poser 6 or higher shaders and P9 (or higher) Subsurface Scattering shaders which are guaranteed to give you beautiful renders no matter what platform you use!

Included in A4-Poser
01 INJ Face File
01 REM Face File
01 INJ Body File
01 REM Body File
01 Default MAT File
08 Eye Color Files
07 Lip Files
07 Make-Up Files



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