Полная версия популярного движка для разработки игр на платформе PlayStation 3 (PS3) и NGP Software Development Kit.

PhyreEngine is a cross-platform game engine and tools, provided as source code under a license that allows it to be used by any PS3 or NGP game developers or publishers as well as by Tools & Middleware licensees in their products. In the last few years, PhyreEngine has been used to power almost fifty titles from dozens of game studios globally and released on the PlayStation Store or on Blu-ray Discs.

Designed with feedback from its active development community, PhyreEngine 3.0 represents a significant evolution of the engine, as well as bringing it to the new NGP platform and introducing many new features.

PhyreEngine 3.0 has a new and powerful asset pipeline, combining enhanced versions of the already robust exporters, with a powerful processing tool to generate optimized assets for each platform. Also new is the rewritten level editor, which permits a far more data-driven approach to authoring games using PhyreEngine. Combined with a more accessible API and far more game-oriented functionality including support for entities, scripting, and integrated physics and navigation components, PhyreEngine 3.0 empowers developers to produce high quality titles with less time and lower costs.

Support for NGP allows developers to easily target this new platform alongside PlayStation 3 and Windows, while ensuring state-of-the-art performance and features.

PhyreEngine integrates with other popular middleware, giving developers a choice of the best technologies available today. Its middleware partners include Havok, NVIDIA PhysX, and Scaleform.

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Name: PhyreEngine
Home: http://scedev.net/
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 465.6 mb

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