Weeping Willow Hair

Weeping Willow Hair

Weeping Willow Hair - 33.25 Mb
Weeping Willow Hair will give your scenes and girls the extra touch of goth and mystic! Voluminous Pigtails with emo-styled color schemes, or sexy pigtails for the extra lolita look! Pump up the top of the tails with the included emo-style morphs and create lots of different styles!

Weeping Willow Hair is a high quality hairprop with 48 morphs for styling, adjusting and wind effects as well as with fitmorphs for The Girl 4, Aiko 4, Aiko 4 Realistic, Victoria3, Aiko 3 and Aiko 3 Realistic.

This package includes 20 hi-res and photorealistic hairtextures with advanced shadersettings for extra realism!

Now have a look at the pictures and let them speak :-)
Thank you so much for viewing this product, we hope you like it! Have fun!



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