HRD-Aiden for M4

HRD-Aiden for M4

HRD-Aiden for M4 - 43.09 MB
Australia is a harse, demanding place to live, particularly the outback. Only real men like Aiden survive, but he's all good with those challenges, is our bloke Aiden! He's got his hat (to protect him from the most dangerous sun exposure in the world) and his trusty knife (for those odd tangles with crocs) so he's ready for anything.

He might seem rough as guts, but have a look at his eyes and tell me this fine fellow hasn't a sense of humour. He'll quickly steal your heart and carve a distinctive spot in your runtime for himself.

Aiden comes with eight facial textures, six eye colours and even a man-bits texture. The belt and holster have gunslinger morphs for precise posing, and the knife is smart-propped to the hand for quick setups of your favourite action scenes.

So, be sure to say more than just a quick g'day: Aiden wants to come over for tea. You don't reckon you can resist his charms, can you?



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