Skill-Builder Mastering Topology in Maya

Skill-Builder Mastering Topology in Maya

Описание: Данный видеокурс посвящен топологии в Maya и содержит целый ряд практических заданий по изучению топлогии.

Going through tutorial projects step-by-step is a really powerful way to learn the different modeling tools and techniques. You can see how those tools work as you follow along and create a particular model with your tutor. The real power, however, comes from being able to take the techniques you've learned and apply them in a different way to a different project. This knowledge and adaptability only comes from practice and the experience of dealing with different situations as they arise. To simulate this, you'll be presented with a series of topological exercises. Each exercise will consist of three lessons covering topics from N-Gons to facial topology. In the first lesson, we will review the skill or technique using a particular asset. We'll talk about specific tools and go through their application step-by-step. In the second lesson, you'll receive a new asset and instructions for the exercise. This will be your opportunity to apply what you've just learned to a completely different model. In the final lesson, we will go through your exercise step-by-step and you can compare your results. There will be small hints provided for each exercise but we encourage you not to look at those if possible. Each Skill-Builder Tutorial ends with a final project where you'll get to take all of the new skills and techniques you've learned and apply them to your own mini-project. These exercises are really your opportunity to practice what you've learned and gain the confidence that only comes through repetition and being able to address any issue that might come up.

01. Introduction and course overview

02. Removing N-Gons (Skill review)

03. Removing N-Gons (Exercise)

04. Removing N-Gons (Solution)

05. Working with triangles (Skill review)

06. Working with triangles (Exercise)

07. Working with triangles (Solution)

08. Working with poles (Skill review)

09. Working with poles (Exercise)

10. Working with poles (Solution)

11. Rerouting edges (Skill review)

12. Rerouting edges (Exercise)

13. Rerouting edges (Solution)

14. Facial loop (Skill review)

15. Facial loop (Exercise)

16. Facial loop (Solution)

17. Geometry reduction (Skill review)

18. Geometry reduction (Exercise)

19. Geometry reduction (Solution)

20. Resolution for animation (Skill review)

21. Resolution for animation (Exercise)

22. Resolution for animation (Solution)

23. Character troubleshooting (Skill review)

24. Character troubleshooting (Exercise)

25. Character troubleshooting (Solution)

26. Final Project Overview

27. Character concepts

28. Creating eyes

29. Contours and features

30. Adding specific details

31. Asset cleanup and organization

32. Final Project Assignment

Skill-Builder Mastering Topology in Maya
Skill-Builder Mastering Topology in Maya
Skill-Builder Mastering Topology in Maya
Skill-Builder Mastering Topology in Maya
Skill-Builder Mastering Topology in Maya

Автор: Justin Marshall
Продолжительность: 03:34:00
Тип материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Дата выпуска: 2013
Производитель: Digital Tutors
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