Zelene Hair

Zelene Hair

Zelene Hair - 15.4 Mb
Zelene Hair is a cute short to medium length hairstyle that frames any face shape nicely!
The hair has been layered with optional straight and flipped variations. The bang falls long to the eye level and can be morphed from thick to wispy.
Smooth, shiny textures complement the hairstyle with a wide selection of beautiful natural and funky colors.
A chic and romantic look for your girls and a carefree style for your boys.

This product includes:
1 Universal Hair Prop (fitted to V4 by default)
1 obj
21 realistic hair textures + 29 fantasy hair textures (50 Hair color Mat poses)
2 transparency textures + 1 specular texture
62 styling + 17 fitting and adjusting morphs (total 79 morphs)
30 ready style poses + 1 reset pose
10 Universal Hair Prop fit poses for Aiko 4, Girl 4, Hiro 4, Kids 4, Little One, Lusitana, Michael 4, Miki 3, Stephanie 4 and Victoria 4



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