AJ Tree House

AJ Tree House

AJ Tree House - 11.82 Mb
This package contains 2 different figures - Tree and House. Also package contains 7 different props.
The House figure has 2 doors that you can open and close at will. Doors are the parts of House figure. To open or close door select it and use the corresponding slider.
Props included into this package:
Bed, Bench, Lamp, Rope, Stairway, Stool and Table. Stairway props is parented to the Tree figure, and other props are parented to the House figure.
Product includes geometry (*.obj) files of all props and figures. OBJ files are fully mapped, so if You want to change textures of this objects, You can do that in Material Room of Poser application.
Product contains displacement maps. So, for the best results when rendering please enable displacement in render settings.
Use Poser 6 or above version of Poser application.



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