Film Noir Detective Office (Poser & Vue)

Film Noir Detective Office (Poser & Vue)

Film Noir Detective Office (Poser & Vue) - 12.72 Mb
It was a hot and long day. The suffocating heat thumped my head like a sledgehammer. But at least, I could chill my sweat with a good shot of bourbon, or whatever that was, and free my mind with a refreshing cigar smoke.
I sure needed that .... but a silhouette drawn in the door window said it all: that day was far from ended and the night had just begun.
As soon as the dame walked in, right there and then, I knew she was trouble.

A full film noir detective decor, complete to its last detail.

.: Product Features :.
- A complete figure in six parts, with the ability to make the walls, roof, etc, invisible for easier camera work.
- Props also included as separate objects with external geometry
- 14 Light sets included
- 14 Camera presets included

Highly detailed and realistic textures, materials included.

Props including:
- Phones
- lamps
- bottles
- filing cabinets
- chairs
- cigars
- cigarettes
- ashtrays
- desks
- heater
- folders
- magazines
- papers
- files
- radio
- safe
- water dispenser & more



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