HFS Races: Talarian

HFS Races: Talarian

HFS Races: Talarian - 95.78 Mb
Products: PC/MAC, DAZ|Studio 4.5,Genesis base figure (included in DS) (optional DSON importer for poser).

HFS Races: Talarian is a set of custom morphs and textures that turn genesis into an extremly detailed alien humanoid, perfect for your fantasy or sci-fi artworks!
Talarians are a kind of "saurian/raptor bird"-like alien races. Despite their "raptor" apperance, they are something similar to the first proto-mammals of the late Triassic, so they are warm-blooded and viviparous creatures.
The morphs are carefully sculpted in zbrush. All textures (diffuse, specular, bump and displacement map) are made in zbrush and photoshop.
Populate your galaxy or your kingdoms turning Genesis into the creatures from the "HFS Races" series!



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