Beach Scenes Creator

Beach Scenes Creator

Beach Scenes Creator - 87.99 Mb
Products: Poser 6 and Up, and/or DAZ Studio 3 and up. For the poses of V4 and M4, you need V4 and M4.

A pack to create countless beach scenes.

Scene + props + MAT poses + lights + poses + cameras + render settings

- 20 Panoramas (sky backround + ground plane): 5 scenes (close palm beach, distant palm coast, rocky jungle paradise, jungle mountains, and rock arc) with 2 variations of sand color and 2 types of sky each.
- 7 Lights sets: sunrise, morning, noon, evening, sunset, night, bonfire.
- 2 Exotic beach umbrellas (figure + 2 variations), with or without table for drinks
- 6 Beach loungers (figure + 6 textures)
- 6 Beach chairs (figure + 6 textures)
- 6 Beach tables (figure + 6 textures)
- 5 Drink straws props of different colors
- 12 Drink Umbrellas props of different colors and patterns
- 4 Beach balls props
- Coconut drink to put the straws and drink parasols
- Plus: a shortcut to delete all lights in the scene
- 7 Cameras
- 4 Poses for sitting in the chair or laying in the lounger: 2 for V4, 2 for M4
- MAT poses to apply all textures
- Render settings optimized for high quality Poser renders
- 2 Scene preloads that load sample scenes with all the elements
- 1 Preload of a coconut drink with 2 drink umbrellas and a drink straw



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