GeoForge - 25.09 Mb
Create amazing and unique scenery in Poser without overloading your system! The Geoforge is a entirely new terrain system with many new innovations to help you get scenery with an infinite variety of shapes, photoreal no matter how near or far you place the camera. Small enough to stand on a tank on Vicky\'s desk; big enough for sweeping vistas and whole mountain ranges. The Geoforge STARTS with 79 morphs and 42 textures, and is easily expandable with injection morphs or new texture packs.

Ŝ Texture tiling with a dial; spin the dial as you work to tile your textures, and keep them pinsharp no matter how much you scale the figure or move the camera in. This means that textures can be kept small, and you can still have fine detail without overloading your renderer.
Ŝ Nineteen built in morphs to raise and lower all or parts of the landscape
Ŝ Sixty extra injectable morphs, grouped into background mountains, central mountains, whole terrains, and low (additional texturing) terrains.
Ŝ Thirty-three ground textures and six water texture with MAT poses for P4, PP, and P5+
Ŝ Additional three raytraced water textures for P5+ users
Ŝ Circular shape means no odd corners sticking out on the horizon
Ŝ Textures are all mapped to a square texture, so you can easily use your own textures
Ŝ Textures MAT Poses can be used with any of the Terraformers land models, or the Horizons ground plane

Notes: Poser 4 users will need to convert the files ending in b.jpg to .bum files before use. Presets for Poser 5 or higher may include displacement settings. To see the effect of these you must render with the displacement option ticked. When tiling the textures sometimes the displacement setting may need adjusting for the best effect. Promotional pictures are all rendered in P5 with no postwork. The following figures are not included in the Geoforge pack: Biosphere sky backgrounds (Netherworks), Skeleton (DAZ), Celestial Hair (Renderosity), Easter Bunny Gloop (Netherworks), Centipede (Content Paradise), Stag Beetle (DAZ)



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