BioSphere - 17.91 Mb

The Biosphere is an innovative background system, which is fully compatible with the Geoforge terrain, but can be used as standalone figures. Scaled up, it provides flexible and morphing curved or flat, panoramic or 'snapshot' backgrounds, or a skydome for sweeping vistas. Scaled down, you get a reflective glass globe or tank complete with plinth and tank collar, just right to contain tiny terrains for fish tanks, bottle gardens or whatever else you can think of, and a bonus flat plane morphing backdrop figure.

To provide maximum sharpness and clarity without overloading the system, the tank texture mapping can be changed with the twist of a dial. Choose from a complete wrap-round panorama, or just use a section at the back for a photograph or picture.

Requires Previous Purchase of Recommended: Geoforge

Ŝ Realistic glass textures for the globe and tank, and a raytraced option for Poser 5+ users
Ŝ Five photographic cloud scenes to turn your globe into a skydome
Ŝ Five artistic cloud scenes for the skydome
Ŝ Matching plinth and tank collar with four texture options to suit your decor
Ŝ Cylindrical tank includes morph to curve in the base when using as a backdrop
Ŝ Flat plane backdrop includes morphs to curve in the base or to apply a gentle curve to the whole plane
Ŝ Tank mapping can be changed with a dial; either apply your texture to the whole tank for a panoramic effect, or use only the back area to maximise texture usage
Ŝ Five photographic backdrops for the tank or the flat backdrop
Ŝ Five artistic backdrops for the tank or the flat backdrop
Ŝ 2 BONUS tank textures - 1 photographic landscape and 1 sky panorama



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