Atmospheres for Poser 5+

Atmospheres for Poser 5+

Atmospheres for Poser 5+ - 6.87 Mb
Back in the days of Poser 4, if you wanted to have clouds, fog, or anything similar, you had two choices - you could use flat planes with transparency with pictures of clouds loaded on them (the principle behind the Weird Weather set) or you could add some effects in postwork.

The problems with flat planes were:
if you moved the camera you'd have to rotate them all so that they faced the right way again, otherwise they were invisible
you could have shadows or not have shadows - if you had shadows they appeared on the clouds, sometimes unrealistically
if you didn't want it right at the front the clouds cut out suddenly and obviously when they met an object, which real clouds rarely do. In Poser 5 the Atmosphere feature showed up. This allows much smoother and more realistic effects, yet is rarely used. Getting the depth right and predicting what the effect is going to be put many people off.

The Atmospheres pack contains twenty-five atmosphere settings for everything from light cloud and rain to underwater, sandstorms, an aurora, and rain, and the inclusion of the position guide figure means that you can be sure your atmosphere will render just the way you expected, first time.

The Atmospheres are intended to be used with the Terraformers series, and all the promos feature Terraformers. However they will work equally well with any figures, provided you read the guidelines and follow the instructions. Terraformers Altitudes and Terraformers HiRes automatically load in the correct position for using the Atmospheres.

In addition to the atmospheric effects, you also get a depth mapper atmosphere that can be used to help make new altitude shaders for your Terraformers or other landscape figures, a skydome with six skies, and ten IBL light settings for landscapes.

IMPORTANT: the instructions for using the Atmospheres have been included in the free Terraforming tutorial at Content Paradise (see related products). Please make sure you get the tutorial; it will save you a lot of irritation and angst. The instructions are there rather than the readme text so that everything could be illustrated nicely, and it is free. Atmospheres do need a reasonably modern computer to render. If you aren't sure, get the tutorial and read it first.



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