NewTek LightWave 11.5.1

NewTek LightWave 11.5.1

The LightWave 3D Group, подразделение NewTek, Inc., обновило LightWave до версии 11.5.1 , свою отмеченную наградами программу для 3D моделирования, анимации и рендеринга.

NewTek LightWave 11.5.1

The new Genoma character rigging system with modular presets streamlines character animation in LightWave 11.5.

LightWave 11.5 includes new features and functionality that enhance creativity and streamline productivity for everyone—from individual artists and designers to large animation or visual effects studios. Some of the many new features in LightWave 11.5 include the Genoma character rigging system with modular presets, predator and prey Flocking capabilities, per-object Instancing control, and soft-body Bullet Dynamics with support for FiberFX. Also included are Interchange Tools supporting Adobe After Effects cameras and Pixologic’s Zbrush, stereoscopic and depth-of-field motion blur in the Viewport Preview Renderer (VPR), major workflow enhancements, and more.

NewTek LightWave 11.5.1

About NewTek

NewTek is transforming the way people create network-style television content and share it with the world. From sporting events, Web-based talk shows, live entertainment, classrooms, and corporate communications—to virtually any venue where people want to capture and publish live video, we give our customers the power to grow their audiences, brands and businesses, faster than ever before.

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Name: NewTek LightWave
Version: 11.5.1 Build 2525 Incl. Hotfix
Home: www.lightwave3d.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 490.6 mb

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