HC1 - Horror Classics - The Zombie Morgue

HC1 - Horror Classics - The Zombie Morgue

HC1 - Horror Classics - The Zombie Morgue - 59.87 Mb
Products: Poser 6+ or DAZ Studio 3+

This is a Poser Construction set for building your own Poser Stages. This set is intended to work like a Hollywood Sound Stage. The props included are theme based to create a wide range of B movie type Morgue Settings or Zombie Sets. All images were rendered at 1200x1200 on a AMD 64 (Single core) 3.8 ghz with 2 gig of ram. The longest render time was 90 minutes for the image above that has everything reflective. If you are using DAZ Studio you will find in the "Content Folder - Poses" two mat poses Meatsack - Mil3 and Meatsack - Mil4. These apply a ghoulish raw meat texture to Mill 3 charcters (V3, M3, Freak3, She Freak3, SP3 and David 3) or the Mil 4 Charaters (V4 including Girl4, Aiko4 and SheFreak4 and M4, Freak4, Hiro4). if you are using Poser they will be in the Pose Folder. In either case Apply a character and skin first then use the Meatsack to replace the flesh only. Eyes, mouth, teeth, etc... will stay the same, the more extreme the morph the better it tends to look.



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