Balloon Victoria

Balloon Victoria

Balloon Victoria - 72.59 Mb
Model represents unique long distance travel balloon described in Jules Verne´s book Five weeks in a balloon. This particalucar balloon has special construction for changing its altitude in considerably easier way than any other balloons of this time. Balloon basket is equiped with ingenious device for electrolythic hydrogene form water thanks to a powerful electric. Resulting hydrogen is then used in blowpipe for producing hot steam heating hydrogene in smaller inner balloon allowing balloon to rise or descent when hydrogene is allowed to cool. Steam is further used for compressing hydrogene into storage bottle and for pressurizing the baloon. Small protion of produced hydrogene is used also for kitchen burner on the deck. There are slight changes in our design - like boiler for producing steam for heating the gas, which seems a bit (really a bit) safer than heating it directly by blowpipe like in a book. But still, our model has all desribed parts, including electrolythic device, batteries, two balloons one inside the other, heating system inside outer balloon and so on.



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