Terraformers original pack

Terraformers original pack

Terraformers original pack - 35.04 Mb
Tired of posing your characters in front of backdrops where they can't interact with the scenery? Do you want to be able to create realistic landscapes quickly and easily that your characters can walk through? Terraformers is a series of scenery figures that will allow you to do just that. Each can be used 'as-is', or you can use the morph dials to create an almost infinite variety of scenes, from the realistic to the wildly distorted and surreal. The series consists of three large morphing terrain pieces, in a semicircular format to make them equally suitable for framing a scene or use as a backdrop, two water pieces, a ground plane, and a free standing rock.

Now updated with texture tiling! Keep your texture pinsharp whether you use your terraformers as objects in the distance, zoom in to miniscule areas, or stretch the mesh with morphs. The texture tiling dial will automatically tile the texture as you turn it, so you can quickly see the best resolution for your picture.



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