The Malaik wings

The Malaik wings

The Malaik wings - 333.4 Mb
On a world far, far away live an ancient people called the Malaik - a beautiful & majestic winged humanoid race with the spirits of Warriors and the souls of the Mystic.
From the clans of the lowlands with their tech enhancements to the clans of the highlands with their supernatural mystic abilities, they fight an ancient war against the Qabbalah...

The most gorgeous wings you have ever seen! Truly capable of fitting onto any creature you can envision and endowing it with the gift of flight!
The wings of the Malaik remind one of the wings of an archangel, large and majestic, giving one the true ability to fly and maneuver in the air like a bird.
Fully functional, these wings move like a dream and look so realistic, a must-have for any runtime!

The Malaik wings
Angeloi - Royale for Malaik Wings

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