FA Storm-Hammer Tank Pack

FA Storm-Hammer Tank Pack

FA Storm-Hammer Tank Pack - 112.18 Mb
Products: Poser 6 or later DAZ Studio or later, Mac or PC.

The product contains the three tank models, each with a different gun system, plus twenty-one props and twenty-four smart props. The M-92 Storm-Hammer tank has a massive 150mm gun, the M-93 Sky-Hammer tank has a quad 40mm gun system and the M-92M Fire-Hammer has a huge Maser (a microwave laser) for seriously destructive fire-power. Many of the props are designed to be useful in scenes where the tanks don't appear, as scene fillers or cargo props. All three tanks and all of the props are tested in both Poser and DAZ Studio, and there are twenty MAT poses with both Poser and full DAZ Studio versions. Among the textures applied by the MAT poses are blank colours and camouflage with no badges, so you can use these as a basis for your own textures.

The tanks use the same tank chassis, body, turret and rigging but have very different guns. Because of the identical rigging this means all three tanks use a very similar dial set, which means once you are familiar with one tank in the set you can use all three without needing to learn anything new. This is designed to make the vehicles both more realistic and easier to use. For animators the tracks are fully rigged and the tanks contain an ERC rig to make it easier to animate them running.

Smart props include turret boxes and a turret-top rack, extra heavy side-skirts for urban or asymmetric warfare and ammunition props so you can show the tanks being loaded up. There is even training ammunition to allow you to show troops learning to service or use the tanks effectively.

As a bonus there is a small clip-art collection included containing most of the badges used to create the textures for the product, so you can easily texture other items to match.

If you buy this product look at my Share CG uploads (see link in editorial tab) to see if there are currently any free add-ons for it. Some will appear, so if there aren't any try again two or three weeks later; at least three add-on sets will eventually appear.



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