CodeCanyon - PHP Security & User Management (Update 10-02-2012)

CodeCanyon - PHP Security & User Management (Update 10-02-2012)

CodeCanyon - PHP Security & User Management (Update 10-02-2012) | 6,50 MB

Welcome to the Ultimate "PHP Security and User Management". In a nutshell, this application features: Login, Registration, Password Reset, Lost User Name, Lost Activation, Role based Page Security, User Profiles, Complete User Account/Credentials Management Back-End, PayPal Subscriptions Manager for Premium Membership, Subscription Coupons, Protected Digital Downloads, Plus ++ Bonus Addons: File Explorer, Data Driven Menu System, and a Dynamic, Multi-Level User Feedback that can be used as a PHP /MySQL Website Starter Kit or as an integrated application in your already existing site with all the page security and user management features already built in.
It is a feature rich application that is easy to implement and takes care of all the basics to save you time and allow you to focus on what's important. Use it as a template to start your next new project or add it to your existing site to provide Out-Of-The-Box Security, User Management features and so much more...
Please view and play with the demo and read the Getting Started Guide so you gain a little more insight about the purpose of this application, some of its inner workings, deployment and implementation. You don't have to buy this app to ask questions. If in doubt about the extent of any of the functionality, please contact me from my profile page so I can answer your questions. Looking forward to hearing from you! Demo | Online Documentation / Getting Started Guide


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