Am Construction Site

Am Construction Site

Am Construction Site - 55.48 Mb
Products: Poser 6 and above or Daz Studio

Am Construction Site

28 Smart Props (37 total Objects):
All the props combine to create a detailed 2 bedroom house Under Construction.
Complete with exposed stud walls, plywood sub-floors, a full basement, exposed electrical work, and more.

They can be loaded all together, or in dozens of combinations, to show the different stages of construction.
Create a variety of realistic scenes to show your 3d characters hard at work.

Fully Functioning windows and Doors:
9 windows with Open/Close Morphs
2 Bay windows
5 Doors with simple Open rotation dials

Photo realistic texture maps and Bump maps for all the wood and concrete.
The windows, doors and electrical work use simple shader sets:
Windows - glass and wood.
Doors - glass, wood and door knobs.
Electrical - wires, boxes, copper, caps,plugs, plates

A Dummy Figure is included to help load .pz2 materials in Poser.
Poser requires at least one figure loaded in a scene or it will not apply Mat poses to props.
The Dummy Figure is a small, transparent, lowpoly box saved as a Figure, just to make this easier.



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