HOT Alicia

HOT Alicia

HOT Alicia - 87.64 Mb
Products: V4.2. A4, V4 muscle morphs optional

• "HOT Alicia is a stunning character for V4.2. She is a combination of V4.2 and A4 morphs. If you have the V4 muscle morphs Alicia also comes with Inj and REM poses to give her outstanding, sleek muscle tone.
• Alicia's texture maps are highly detailed. She comes with a variety of eye options,8 natural makeup options and 4 fantasy makeup options.
• Alicia has 2 eyecatching body shapes. An athletic body shape and a more voluptuous body shape for pinups. Both body shapes can be enhanced by adding the V4 muscle morphs.
• Both of Alicia's bodyshapes with the addition of the muscle morphs are great for fantasy renders.



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