Habitus Malus

Habitus Malus

Habitus Malus - 84.62 Mb
The concept of monks is ancient, referring to one who leads a life of religious asceticism, either alone or in a group of other monks. The life is characterised by prayer and contemplation, as well as hard work, often to the benefit and charity of others. In the Greek language the term can apply to women, but in modern English it is mainly in use for men.

Now you can depict this devout way of life with Habitus Malus, proudly brought to you by Mortem Vetus. With five cr2 clothing figures, each with a variety of material option, create anything from a solo epiphany, to a monastic gathering.
The set features five cr2 clothing figures, comprised of Habit(Robe), Cowl, Open Cowl, Rosary and Sandals. Each clothing figure comes with the popular Michael4 morphs Heavy, Bulk, BodyBuilder and Heavy. With numerous adjustment morphs and utility poses, you'll have your Michael4 leading a righteous life in no time at all!

Easy to use conforming clothing
6 colour options for the robe and cowls
2 material options for the rope belt
2 material options for the Bible
Numerous Style and Adjustment morphs:
-21 adjustment/style morphs in the Robe, plus 3 pose morphs for kneeling and sitting ( plus 3 preset poses for kneeling and sitting for michael also)
-18 adjustment/style morphs in the Cowl
-7 adjustment/style morphs in the Open Cowl
-7 adjustment/style morphs in the Rosary, plus 2 fitting morphs



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