GroBoto 3.3

GroBoto 3.3

Braid Art Labs LLP выпускает новую версию необычного 3D-редактора Groboto, уникальность которого в том, что имея простой набор инструментов для моделирования можно быстро создавать органические модели, а также абстрактные формы. Работая в программе, дизайнер может использовать любые растровые изображения для создания текстур, при этом, о правильном наложении текстуры на объект и об отсутствии "швов" позаботится сама программа. В GroBoto есть также средства для создания окружения – эффект тумана, цветные градиенты и генератор звезд для создания неба. Визуализация в GroBoto занимает гораздо меньше времени, чем в других приложениях для 3D-моделирования.

Braid Art Labs LLP released GroBoto 3.0, this version is a Major expansion of GroBoto into the areas of Modeling and Mesh Creation. Braid Art Labs continues with its focus on truly original Methods, Tools and Technologies.

Groboto is a set of 3D modeling, imaging and animation tools that let you create complex, dynamic, lyrical forms and animation with ease. All of our tools are designed to keep the creative flow alive. Instead of fighting with the software, you collaborate with it. You'll find yourself creating imagery you never knew you had in you.

For decades 3D Artists have been attracted to intuitive modeling with Simple Primitives, as well as the uniquely robust and powerful characteristics of Geometric Booleans. Unfortunately barriers remained between those systems and the ultimate goal, a High-Quality Mesh.

The results were unreliable, inelegant systems, limited in scope.

GroBoto has succeeded in building systems that combine Real-Time, True Geometry Boolean Editing with the capability of generating High Fidelity, Beautifully Structured Meshes — Automatically. These systems are both Robust and Sophisticated — Able to Automatically Mesh any Arbitrary, Complex arrangement of Primitives and Booleans and further, to Smooth and Stylize those Meshes creating sublime forms.

GroBoto 3.0 Key Features:

- Real-Time Boolean Modeling and Editing in a Clean, Fully Rendered Workspace. True Primitives are used (not meshes), resulting in unparalleled complexity and subtlety of form.
- Flex Tools that allow broad ‘range-of-influence’ editing of complex arrangements of Primitives and Booleans.
- Intelligent, Snap, Align, Duplicate and Transform options that allow one to work naturally with the primitive forms keying on their innate properties and interrelationship.
- Fully Automatic Mesh Generation. All (or any subset) of GroBoto’s Geometry is combined into a single, unified mesh ‘shell’ . All Boolean trims and intersections are tracked with ultimate precision and converted into our ‘SeamNet’ mesh.
- Mesh Density Control – locally and globally. True, procedural geometry means that meshes can be easily and automatically regenerated at different densities.
- OBJ Mesh Export includes all the precision Seams (multi-row edge loops) as well as special UVs for selecting/masking/manipulating the elegantly structured elements of the model in other 3D apps.

GroBoto 3.3.0 release notes: there

About Braid Art Labs LLP

Braid Art Labs was founded in 2006 by three pioneering computer graphics developers Darrel Anderson, Jeff Anderson, & Boris Tsikanovsky. Darrel Anderson is also an award winning Graphic Artist with credits in major publications, productions & film. Together they have about a century of Graphics Software Development experience.

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Name: GroBoto
Version: 3.3.0
Home: www.groboto.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 146.2 mb

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