The Sultan's Pool

The Sultan's Pool

The Sultan's Pool - 16.86 Mb
Products: Poser 5 & higher, DazStudio 2 or 3, OR software that opens OBJ files

Peace and tranquility awaits you in the luxury of the Sultan's Pool. In the darkest periods of his kingdom, when wars were almost around the city walls, a place was needed to wash the troubles of the times away for just a moment. Tucked in the gardens of the palace is the Sultan's own personal playground. Everyone enjoys some good clean fun, and bathing in the Sultan's Pool provides the perfect setting to do just that. The Sultan would summon only a selected few of his harem to join him in the luxuries of his private domain. For only the prettiest and most entertaining members of his harem would he share his treasured time in the pool. Come in and refresh yourself in the cooling waters, while enjoying some of the delicious foods the staff has prepared. You'll never forget your experience of bathing in the Sultan's Pool.

This package contains:
Prop (.OBJ + .PP2)
Material Files for Prop
Daz Studio Compatible Files
The entire content of this package has been optimized for Poser 6 and above, and Daz Studio.



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