RMTH Larissa V4

RMTH Larissa V4

Products: PP/P5/P6/P7 V4+++
Larissa has been designed to be a seductress as well as innocent beauty. She comes with so many options you may find it hard to choose!
Larissa is designed around a custom head morph that is sure to please. Her body is comprised of both custom and DAZ dials. She comes with a separate faerie ear INJ/REM so she is the perfect addition to your fantasy renders as well! Her beautiful glowing texture comes complete with shader enhanced MAT's as well as standard MAT's and boy does she have options! 4 Eye brow options and a no brow option (for those that prefer to add thier own via transmaps in the material room or in a paint program) 5 make ups for each brow option and 5 eye colors all created with care and detailed to make her render like a dream!



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