Clara Dress for V4,A4 & G4

Clara Dress for V4,A4 & G4

This dress is a flapper inspired creation that is reminiscent of early 1900's with a modern twist that works in today's fashion just as well. It features a very stylish shape, spaghetti straps, and layered lace flounces. The extra peek-a-boo textures and "shorter skirt" morph add to it's versatility. It has 8 ghost bones in the skirt, plus extra adjustment morphs for just about any pose. Add the seamed stockings and you've got a fabulously simple, sexy look!
This package includes:
- The Clara dress
- Matching stockings
- 4 Versatile Texture sets (Black, Red, Gold & Pink)
- includes crosstalk, and there are many adjustment dials for easy movement and posing. A list of V4, A4 & G4 morphs can be found in the readme file.

Clara Dress, for V4, A4, and G4
COTTON CLUB for Clara-Dress

http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/clara-dress-for-v4-a4-g4/86681/  http://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/cotton-club-for-clara-dress/87132/


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