Mortuus Domine

Mortuus Domine

The Necromancer is a powerful practitioner of the darkest magics who summons the dead to do his bidding and to impart knowledge from beyond the mortal realms. Invariably shunned and mistrusted, necromancers are solitary figures steeped in arcane lore, with a variety of magical skills, who practise their craft in secret, for fear of persecution.
Now you can bring the Dark Arts to life (or even un-death) in your renders with the Mortuus Domine outfit for Michael 4. With nine conforming clothing figures as well as the essential tools of his trade, this complete and unique set offers a wealth of fantastical images in which it can be used.
Includes multiple material options for all pieces, givng an added versatility to a distinct outfit. Mix and match materials for different looks depending on the context of where it's being used from clean and well-kept to grungy post-apocalyptic.
-Unique and original design
-High quality geometry and materials
-Versatile usage
-Multiple material options for all items
-Full body morphs: Bodybuilder, Bulk and Superhero included on all items



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