Gravity Forms v1.7.6

Gravity Forms v1.7.6

Gravity Forms v1.7.6 | 1,35 MB

Gravity Forms v1.7.6 is now available via automatic update and the downloads page. This is a major maintenance release that introduces quite a few changes under the hood as well as some new hooks for developers to take advantage.
One major non-user facing change that we are extremely excited about in this release is the first iteration of the Gravity Forms Add-On Framework. This is a framework built into Gravity Forms to allow both developers to develop Add-Ons more efficiently and quickly by standardizing a lot of the things that almost every Add-On needs or utilizes. This will be extremely helpful for both Add-Ons we develop and Add-Ons developed and released by 3rd party developers.
Currently the Add-On Framework in this release is dormant, it is not being used. But we will be releasing an Add-On soon that does utilize it which is why it is being included in this release. We will also be releasing documentation specific about the Add-On Framework, what it can do and how it can be used by developers. We're really excited that this will make it easier for developers to create Add-Ons for Gravity Forms is a more consistent and efficient manner.
More information and documentation on the Gravity Forms Add-On Framework to follow, as I mentioned above.


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