Little Red Outfit & Boots

Little Red Outfit & Boots

Remember Little Red Riding Hood? Well she's back and she is NOT happy. Once upon a time she was severely harrassed by manipulative talking wolf, who stole her grandmother's identity. Suffering from severe PTSD, what you didn't see after the first story ended, is where she called the police and made an attempt to get them to take care of this for her. Sure, her grandmother's credit cards were stolen, (they froze them) and a warrant was put out for the wolf's arrest, but after a certain point, there's was nothing the police could do anymore. Little Red decided to take some self defense and martial arts classes where she soon met a man named 'Shojunn' who taught her ancient secrets of mastering a sword and how to defeat anyone. On the day she re-entered the woods and took the journey over the hills and through the woods towards grandma's house, she met an old hobbit who lived in a tree. He recognized her immediately, and told her the whole forest had been waiting for 'she who walks in red' to avenge the Big Bad Wolf. He handed her a magical wolf slayer sword and said 'May the sword be with you' and sent her along to free the forest of terror. Little Red Outfit & Boots
Charm for Little Red
Little Red Hair

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