faceshift Studio (64bit) 1.2.00

faceshift Studio (64bit) 1.2.00

Обновленный faceshift 1.2 предлагает новые функции, улучшение качества данных, ускорение процесса съемки и постобработки.

faceshift 1.2 is packed with new features that improve data quality, accelerate the shooting workflow, and streamline post-processing.

- Setup
For PrimeSense sensors … We now support Hi-Res Mode. This creates a smaller capture area but much better image quality. We’ve added Manual Texture Calibration, allowing pixel-perfect alignment between the image and depth sensors. This can dramatically increase quality on some sensors. Auto Exposure and White Balance can improve the video image considerably – making tracking even better.
- Training
We’ve made some under-the-hood improvements in Training. The new Training Model provides more natural expressions and better tracking. And no more searching for the appropriate profile to go with that performance you captured some time ago; faceshift 1.2 now saves the profile with the performances.
- Tracking
Tracking now has some features to make shooting and managing larger data sets easier. The Takes feature allows users to define a filename prefix for each performance. Very handy if you’re working on multiple projects, sequences, or scenes and want to organize the naming automatically. The Trim feature is a quick visual method to crop frame ranges. Then play these back at specific Playback Rates. Annotating is much improved; drag a feature point on a frame you actually teach the computer vision algorithm what to look for across the whole take! You’ll see the progress bar working as the features are quickly re-tracked across all frames.

About faceshift AG.

Our team has a strong academic background. We graduated from the three most renowned Swiss universities, ETH, EPFL, and University of Basel, and all our members have spent time in research labs around the world. We have published in the top conferences and journals, and are continuing to contribute to the academic community.

We are truly international, with backgrounds from six different countries, and this is necessary because we are also addressing an international market, with creatives from cultures all around the globe.

And we enjoy what we do. We believe that faceshift is going to change the way facial animations are done. Faceshift is enabling people to create emotional animations, creatives who could not afford the time or money to set up and maintain a motion capture system can now use faces in their work.

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Name: faceshift Studio
Version: (64bit) 1.2.00
Home: www.faceshift.com
Interface: english
OS: Windows XP / Vista / Seven
Size: 144.8 mb

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были бы видео былобы круто

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были бы видео былобы круто

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