ExpressionEngine v2.5.4 Build 20121218

ExpressionEngine v2.5.4 Build 20121218

ExpressionEngine v2.5.4 Build 20121218 | 12,6 MB

Why ExpressionEngine?
Both business? and creative?focused folks love ExpressionEngine for different reasons. While ExpressionEngine is more than the sum of its parts, it nevertheless has some pretty amazing parts.
If it's not in the box, you can add it to the box. Creating ExpressionEngine add-ons is simple and enables all levels of platform customization great and small.
Open Source Foundation
We built CodeIgniter, the open-source core of ExpressionEngine. CodeIgniter is the PHP framework of choice for premiere PHP developers.
Best of Both Worlds
ExpressionEngine is lovingly produced by a team of committed developers, on an open source foundation. ExpressionEngine's code base is 100% open, transparent, and extensible.
Insane power and flexibility
ExpressionEngine's renowned flexibility allows you to build websites that fulfill your needs and creative vision entirely. EE grows and scales in unison with your business.


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