Movie Sets, Colemans Crates

Movie Sets, Colemans Crates

Products: poser 6 and above

Another in my line of Movie Sets. This would be great for an Aliens in the warehouse type of scene or a cops and robbers one as well. The sets are many. Just swing your camera around and you will
see what I mean. This set has the following items.
20 doors with limits set
2 elevators with limits set
1 flat car that runs on the included train track
1 pallet with 8 crates welded and reduced on the pallet
you can separate the pallet from the crates
1 pallet with a crate on it
1 single crate
you can change the labels on the crates to suit your needs
1 water tower with movable water with limits set
1 dust collection system
air conditioner units
1 loading dock with different heights for trucks as well as the flat
1 chain link and barbed wire fence surrounding the property with
2 working swing gates over the train tracks and 1 rolling entry gate.
the ground around the building is 618 feet by 493 feet
then there is a separate extension to the grass that is
4,887 feet by 4,777 feet which is a little under a mile.
That way there is no way you will see the end of the ground.
Don't worry the grass extension is only 4 polygons with a high quality
repeating grassy field texture
7 stairways some with tubular handrails
1 office with 2 doors
a few signs
5 parking bumpers



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