IP Board v3.4.5 - UPDATED 01.07.2013

IP Board v3.4.5 - UPDATED 01.07.2013

IP Board v3.4.5 - UPDATED 01.07.2013 | 8,82 MB

IP Board 3 is a complete community forum software solution, and has been designed with all stakeholders in mind. No matter who is involved in making your community a success, we have features to make their work easier.
Why we're the best choice for communities
Just a few of the highlights... there's much more!
Hugely configurable
Set your community up precisely for your needs. Almost every aspect can be enabled or disabled, with many configuration options.
Monetization options
Monetize your community with advertisement support, or add IP.Nexus to sell subscriptions & physical products.
Developer friendly
Customize our software with your own integrations, apps and hooks. You can even sell your creations in our Marketplace.
SEO built in
Search Engine Optimization is built into the foundation. Help search engines index your great content, and help users find it.


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