Pandora User Interface Pack for iOS

Pandora User Interface Pack for iOS

Pandora User Interface Pack for iOS
This is a great collection of base and custom elements that will be helpful for iOS designers and developers to bring their work to reality and design something beautiful for their apps. Pandora UI Free is oriented towards iPhone (+iPhone 4s) and iPad (+the new iPad). All the elements were designed in Photoshop with the help of shapes and are in PSD format. This makes it possible to make them bigger or smaller without losing quality at the same time.
3 PSD | 18.64 Mb

In order to comfortably and with maximum speed to download my files, I recommend you get premium access to the file-sharing services such as Letitbit and Rapidgator (listed below). When you use the premium access, download speed is limited only by your communication channel. We also strongly recommend to buy a premium-only access to the sites of file-sharing services, the only way you're guaranteed to not be deceived!

Download free Pandora User Interface Pack for iOS:

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