Allegorithmic Substance Designer 3.7.0 Build 12723

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 3.7.0 Build 12723

Substance Designer - мощная программа, которая предназначена для создания, редактирования и обработки сложных текстур. Программа позволяет микшировать и манипулировать битмапами, векторными изображениями и процедурными элементами. Текстуры созданные с помощью Substance Designer являются динамическими, то есть их можно свободно модифицировать на любом этапе создания. При этом пользователь на выходе автоматически получает разные карты - диффузные, нормал, спекуляр и т.д.

Разработчики программы встроили в неё большое количество шаблонов и фильтров, которые значительно упрощают работу дизайнера. Имеются например такие фильтры "Битпам в материал", "Динамические тени", "Покрыть ржавчиной" и т.д. Пакет "Substance Designer" включает в себя также приложение "Substance Player" для просмотра созданных вами текстур, а также включенных в пакет тренировочных текстур.

Substance Designer поддерживает импорт текстур из таких программ как Photoshop, 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya , Unity 3.4 (и выше). Программа позволяет в режиме реального времени вносить изменения и применять эффекты. Кроме того, Substance Designer поддерживает векторный формат изображений и может работать со слоями.

В новой версии проведён полный редизайн стека слоёв, добавлены новые эффекты, функция drag-and-drop и предварительный просмотр маски. Также были улучшены функции инструмента Paint.

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 3.7.0 Build 12723

Substance Designer 3 is the tool of choice for all your texturing work, whether you are working on Games or Animation/VFX. It has been already chosen by numerous, prestigious and overall great studios over the world as a hub in their pipeline, and for good reasons: Substance Designer includes dedicated and empowering features and tools such as an amazing batching system, letting you batch process numerous meshes and textures at the same time, a live link with Adobe Photoshop letting artists use the tool they want for the job, powerful preset filters and more to speed up texture creation time, all this in a unique non linear environment. Compatible with Substance Player, Autodesk 3ds Max, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Flame, Unity and Unreal Engine.

• Photoshop Workflow
Paint in Adobe Photoshop and visualize your layers directly in Substance Designer!
Substance Designer lets you load and link .PSD files right within your graph and pick the layers you want to use as independent nodes. Do a modification in Photoshop, the corresponding layer will automatically be updated in Substance Designer!

• 3D View
The unique 3D Views allows you to have a visual feedback of your substance directly on your mesh.

• Visual Feedback
Textures are meant to be used on 3D meshes. With 3D View, you can get an instant feedback of your work-in-progress texture directly on your mesh, saving you lots of time.
Now supporting tesselation and multi-material, the 3D View lets you see what the final material will look like, with the shader of your choice.

• Extracting Maps from the Mesh
Substance Designer allows you to directly extract the following maps from your mesh:
- High poly: low poly Tangent maps
- Position
- Convert UV to SVG
- Ambient Occlusion
- Normal Map Worldspace
- Curvature Map

• Bitmap + SVG + Procedural Painting
Use what is needed, whatever the situation and your preference: save hundreds of hours by not having to constantly go back and forth between different applications.
Our new bitmap painting editor comes in 3.1 with a bunch of unique features to help you creating textures faster than ever:
- Our unique Tiling Mode makes your brush seamlessly tile automatically!
- This tiling paint works with the brush but also the stamp tool. Never ever has it been that easy to paint tiling textures.
- The stamp tool finally allows you to pick your source on every node: you will also love this killer feature.

• Substance Batchtools
Thanks to Substance Batchtools, replicate your most common operations on all your assets, helping you save tons of time. This batch/scripting capabilities are truly unique in the industry!
NB: Substance Batchtools can be used only with Substance Designer license, and cannot be shared/distributed with any other program.

• Embedded Content
A lots of content is embedded with Substance Designer, allowing you to create wonderful graphical effects for your textures:
- Parametric noises
- Parametric grunge maps
- Parametric generators: wood, parquet, brick walls, stone, etc.
- Filters for blending, tiling, adjustment, etc.
- Mesh adaptive filters
- Special effects

• Graph Editor
The graph editor is the core of Substance Designer, allowing you to produce content in a non-linear / non-destructive authoring process.

• Non-Linear Authoring Workflow
You are free to make any change you want at any time, and all your changes will automatically be applied to all the outputs of your substance (diffuse, specular, normal, etc), so you can create and edit complete texture sets in a much faster way than with traditional tools.

• Non-Destructive Authoring Workflow
Non-Destructive authoring workflow means you can revert all the actions you are making without losing any of your work. No more "I can't come back to that point"!

• Layer System
Our familiar layer based system is here to help any artists to create content in an easy and friendly way.

• Familiar Workflow
Layers based system has been made for artists not so familiar with the graph editor. This system allows you to create textures and add effects as you would do in other authoring tools. And in case you want to have more controls, Substance Designer will automatically create the corresponding graph when you create effects in the layer mode.

• Automatic Tiling
Substance Designer allows you to make all your textures tile in an automatic way.
You don't need to rework your photo to make it tile before creating your texture.
Just import your resources into Substance Designer 3 and make them tile automatically!

• Bitmap2Material Lite
Bitmap2Material Lite is an incredibly powerful filter that helps you generate full, seamlessly tiling materials from any bitmap image.
This Lite version of Bitmap2Material is embedded with Substance Designer, to create materials from any picture or photo.
- Diffuse control. Sharpen the diffuse output, control HSL and levels.
- Normal control. Several controls over the normal map intensity and edges.
- Specular control. Several controls on the influence of the diffuse map over the specular map.
- Height map control. Control frequencies and levels of the height map.
- Ambiant occlusion control. Get control over the spreading, strength and levels.
- Depth Balance. Balancing size of background/foreground elements.
And you can of course use regular Bitmap2Material inside Substance Designer for more control on your materials!

• Advanced Noise Graph Editor (FXMaps)
The unique FXMaps technology allows you to create animated and parametric noises.

• Parametric Noises
FX-Map allows you to create procedural images. It is one of the most powerful features of the Substance technology.
The most common uses of FX-Maps are creating repetitive patterns, such as stripes and bricks, and noises, such as Perlin, Brownian and Gaussian. Noises are particularly useful in creating organic, natural-looking textures like dirt, dust, liquid spatters and so on.

What's new in version 3.7.0:


Bakers: new vertex color baker
Library: Add attribute to hide content from the library
Functions: allow input reordering
Explorer: Allow "Copy" of a graph in a read only package
3D View: convert cgfx shaders to glsl
3D View: Limit VRAM usage to improve low specs hardware make use of SD
Export log file
Enable the "expose-paths" option by default
Preferences: edit default packages path
Add more details to the Activation failed error
Parameters: Replace double buttons "YES/NO" "TRUE/FALSE" by unique button in Properties
3D View: add vertex color to the mesh info shader
Add an option panel for mesh assets
Remove the Load/Reload mesh actions from the View3D menu
[Steam] Embed also 64bits version of tools
[Steam] Convert Dota2_Hero_Shader.cgfx to GLSL
Parameters: Prevent creation of tweaks named "outputsize", "format", "pixelsize", "tiling", "quality" or "randomseed"
Single-graph SBS files should open the single graph by default
Set max texture size limit to 4096 instead of 2048
Convert .pdf User Guide to html

Bug Fixes

Select output usage comes back to diffuse
Bad management of accents in paths (when linking bitmap) on Mac OSX
Graph: wrong thumbnail preview for non square node
Graph: Viewport freezes on resume from sceensaver
UI: Releasing a right click&drag on a toolbar displays a menu
Typo in reexpose tweak message : "the level were it will be defined"
° symbol bad display in parameters
AutoLevels clamped to 8bits
SD is looking for cooker.exe in the wrong place.
Freeze when exiting application just after closing the WelcomePage
UI: capital letters for integer parameters
New Substance: Graph Format is not set to absolute
Can't load high poly mesh
Explorer: close B2M package freeze the app for long time
Explorer: "play" button does not work when the package name contains (
Input nodes become locked when opening a substance
Importing an image file in the 3D view lock the program in an infinite loop
The sbsrender output wrong files
Linking bitmap using the JPG format can not relocate feature.
3D View: crash when the shader is invalid
3D View: Environment map isn't rendered properly by the tessellation_parallax GLSL shader
3D View: blinn shader does not compile
3D View: scene is not updated on shader change
3D View: Wrong rendering with relief shader when no Normal connected
3D View: Incorrect tangent/binormals
3D View: Relief clamped when using relief shader GLSL
3D View: Corrupt Display on MacBook Pros
3D View: DDS not supported for Environment map
3D view: Incorrect lighting on FBX meshes
In GLSLFX, default values that contains multiples values separated by ';' are not parsed correctly
In GLSLFX, samplers that uses custom usage name are not taken in account
Infinite loop when trying to open an invalid Mesh resource in the 3D View
Loading some packages breaks completely the shaders in the 3D view
can't drag&drop of scene files to the view3D
Crash when loading High poly .obj
Crash when loading .obj file in 3D view
Crash when deleting output nodes while timing are displayed in the graph view
Crash when deleting last output of a graph (incompatible iterators)
Crash when trying to bake Vertex Color from a resource mesh that don't have vertex color
Crash when canceling the window used to select an engine at boot
Crash when selecting any geometries in the 3D View
Crash when deleting nodes
Crash when deleting node graph while rendering thumnails
ctrl+z crash
SD3 crashing by 3D view
Linked PSD are not embeded by publish action
Gigantic log file
Library: user filter definition is reset
Publishing Failed (Cooking Failed)
Activation: crash after clicking the cancel button
sbscooker does not automatically include default library
Issues running sbsmutator.exe
[Steam] Designer process still running when closing the application
[Steam] Some customers don't have the Dota DLC installed with the NCU version
[Steam] Launching it without using the Steam UI
[Steam] substance Publication Failed
[Engine] Crash with switch node
[Mac] Version number is still set to 3.5 on Mac
[Mac] Wrong Resource Package path
[Mac] Crash on Mac OS X 10.8.4 when clicking in the graph view
[Mac] Relief shader render always gray color
[Mac] User Guide doesn't work
[Mac] Crash on OsX when placing the library on a second screen.
[Mac] Empty library steam version on OSX bug

Allegorithmic Substance Designer 3.7.0 Build 12723

Активация, рег. код: в архиве
Интерфейс: Английский
ОС: Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8.
Размер: 108.96 MB

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