Focus On Close-Up and Macro Photography

Focus On Close-Up and Macro Photography

Автор: Branson C.
Название: Focus On Close-Up and Macro Photography
Издательство: Focal Press
Год: 2012
Формат: PDF
Язык: Английский
Страниц: 200

Want to get the best out of your digital camera? Not quite sure how to capture up-close shots? Want easy to follow, expert advice on the best ways to creatively capture macro shots you can be proud of?

This is your ticket to go beyond a snapshot to create a fine art print that you'll be so proud of. Macro and close-up photography involves a unique skill set in terms of exposure, lighting, and of course, composition in particular. You can take a quick photo of a sunflower in your back yard that will look mundane and typical OR you could learn how to take a picture of just a part of it-up close-and create a work of art. Let this book be your guide!

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Размер: 12.59 MB

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