Illustrator CC One-on-One: Mastery

Illustrator CC One-on-One: Mastery

Год выпуска: 2013
Производитель: Lynda
Сайт производителя: lynda.com
Автор: Deke McClelland
Тип раздаваемого материала: Видеоурок
Язык: Английский
Файлы примеров: присутствуют
Размер: 1,7Gb

Introduction 1m 58s
Welcome to One-on-One 1m 58s

Using Smart Guides 45m 11s
The smartest of guides 1m 36s
Setting up angular construction guides 4m 59s
Shaving off miter joins and projecting caps 4m 53s
Precisely aligning angled logo artwork 5m 52s
Covering up gaps and seams in your logo 7m 9s
Creating ornaments based on miter joins 5m 9s
Hand-drawing letters as stroked paths 9m 34s
Kerning and clipping hand-drawn type 5m 59s

Working with Symbols 49m 33s
The benefits of using symbols 1m 3s
How symbols and instances work 4m 54s
Creating and naming symbols 6m 42s
Introducing 9-slice scaling 4m 31s
Customizing the effects of 9-slice scaling 7m 5s
Acquiring, trading, and previewing symbols 6m 5s
Duplicating and replacing symbol instances 5m 45s
Using symbols to simulate master pages 6m 54s
Advanced symbol modifications 6m 34s

Gradient Mesh 1h 12m
Shading objects with Gradient Mesh 1m 18s
Creating a gradient mesh 4m 23s
Adding and deleting lines with the Mesh tool 4m 27s
Assigning colors to mesh points 6m 36s
Finessing colors to add depth and shading 6m 10s
Creating a gradient with the Mesh tool 8m 27s
Wrapping gradients around circles 4m 15s
Working with slender, bending shapes 8m 48s
Creating soft and sharp transitions 6m 17s
Converting a linear gradient to a mesh 7m 44s
Converting a radial gradient to a mesh 9m 16s
Using gradients to cast shadows 5m 10s

Opacity Masks 24m 23s
Black conceals, white reveals 1m 8s
Introducing opacity masks 6m 24s
Assigning an empty opacity mask to a layer 4m 45s
Drawing inside an opacity mask 4m 57s
Fading artwork with a gradient opacity mask 3m 3s
Nesting one opacity mask inside another 4m 6s

Liquify and Envelope 1h 6m
Two ways to apply free-form distortions 1m 6s
Introducing the Warp tool 7m 50s
Brush size, Detail, and Simplify 8m 20s
Liquifying an isolated portion of a path 9m 49s
The Twirl, Pucker, and Bloat tools 8m 37s
The Scallop, Crystallize, and Wrinkle tools 7m 6s
Simplifying a path; creating a custom starburst 6m 26s
Applying an envelope-style distortion 4m 34s
Editing the contents of an envelope 7m 40s
Masking the contents of an entire layer 5m 0s

Free Transform and Touch Type 30m 15s
Transforming live and on the fly 1m 44s
Using the Free Transform tool 4m 49s
Transforming with respect to the center 2m 24s
Applying free-form and perspective distortions 4m 16s
Resetting the bounding box 4m 37s
Free transforming tile patterns 3m 53s
Using the Touch Type tool 5m 12s
Tweaking transformations numerically 3m 20s

Pattern Brushes 1h 14m
Up to five tiles per pattern brush 1m 12s
Creating a basic pattern brush 6m 29s
Correcting a repeating pattern brush 4m 6s
Adjusting a pattern brush to match its path 3m 21s
Automating and designing a corner tile 8m 52s
Adding an angled loop to a corner design 3m 44s
Creating end tiles and tile perimeters 6m 28s
Cropping your designs inside your tiles 4m 22s
Assembling a seamless pattern brush 5m 35s
Adding a white buffer zone to a pattern brush 6m 35s
Reconciling very acute corners in a path 8m 25s
Creating a pixel-based-image pattern brush 6m 20s
Spacing and orienting pattern brushes 8m 47s

Charts and Pictographs 43m 37s
The pleasures and pitfalls of graphs 1m 44s
Importing and graphing numerical data 7m 48s
Modifying data to create a category axis 4m 6s
Reformatting text and values in a graph 5m 40s
Changing the Graph Type settings 5m 27s
Creating and applying a graph design 8m 14s
Repairing a broken pictograph 2m 53s
Re-creating a graph at the proper size 7m 45s

3D Effects 37m 45s
The five advantages of Illustrator in 3D 1m 39s
Introducing Illustrator's three kinds of 3D 5m 6s
Working in 3D space: Pitch, yaw, and roll 5m 13s
Lighting and shading a 3D object 4m 13s
Beveling the edges of a 3D extrusion 4m 23s
Creating live, editable 3D type 4m 30s
Adding cast shadows to 3D type 3m 59s
Assigning and editing a 3D Revolve effect 4m 58s
Mapping artwork onto a 3D object 3m 44s


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