DOSCH DESIGN - 3D Skyscrapers V1

DOSCH DESIGN - 3D Skyscrapers V1

DOSCH DESIGN - 3D: Skyscrapers V1
mtl | obj | 3D models | 274 MB

100 textured 3D-models of modern high-rise buildings and gleaming skyscrapers.

Included are classic shapes with straight, clear lines as well as futuristic designs with rounded features, or cylindrical and even triangular elements. "Building materials used" are mostly glass facades, but also concrete and steel.
Use this product for professional visualization of urban scenes that call for tall buildings.
The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple formats: 3DS, 3ds max (version 4 and above), Lightwave (version 6 and above), DXF, OBJ, VRML and Cinema4D (version 6 and above).

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