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I've downloaded a lot of scrap files from you last year but did not say thank you for all those. I was very sick all year last year and hardly had the where-with-all to even sit at the computer that much. So when I run across the ones I've downloaded, I will give you a "thank you." You used to use vip-file.com and now you and everyone else is using that "littlebyte.com." I have tried a while back to get an account with them, but the bank and credit card would not accept it. I wrote to them to get paypal...they did and I cot an account with them now. The downloading it too cumbersome having to enter the premium code each time you want to dl a file from anyone whereas the other download accounts such as vip and deposit, the premium code stay there until you log out of the account, Maybe I'm doing something wrong. Anyway, thank you for all the time and effort you do in uploading the files you do to share with others ;-) yes


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