Dosch Design Light-Scenes

Dosch Design  Light-Scenes

Dosch Design: Light-Scenes
max | 3D scenes | 126 MB

Besides the choice of appropriate material textures, LIGHTING is one of the most important -and most difficult- design options in a 3D-scene.

With less-than-perfect lighting the best 3D-model looks rather un-spectacular. We would like to help you in this challenge. ”Light-Scenes” offers a large number of complete lighting models for professional lighting of your scenes.
You can achieve totally new effects, and give pictures a unique ”mood”. No matter whether you are working on a technical presentation, a science fiction or fantasy picture, or maybe a reality-scene – with ”Light-Scenes” you always have the right lighting options at your fingertips.
The product contains 270 light-scenes which you are able to adjust for your needs.
Animated lighting-sequences are contained in this product, too, of course. And as a bonus, more than 100 projection-images are included.

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