DEXSOFT-GAMES: Low Poly ‘Sci-Fi Map’

DEXSOFT-GAMES: Low Poly ‘Sci-Fi Map’

DEXSOFT-GAMES: Low Poly ‘Sci-Fi Map’
3D models | 399 MB

This pack contains 7 corridors, a door frame and 2 doors to create very low-poly sci-fi maps. All corridors uses same door elements so you can assemble new level very fast, combinig all parts. A map created from these parts has been used by Trinigy on an iPad to present a technology demo. Additional textures for normal, height, spec and emission maps are included (up to 1024).

* Ideal for PhoneGames!
* Ideal for FPS games!
* 5 Corridors!
* 2 Big empty halls!
* Over 100 textures!
* Very low number of draw calls (50-90 across entire level)!
* Very lowpoly: Complete map have some 20K triangles!
* Compatibile with our previous SCI-FI packs!
* Complete map available only in Unity Format!
You can more extend your levels with use of our other excellent property packs.

Available 3d model formats:

» unityPackage (Unity3D)
» lwo (Lightwave)
» obj (Wavefront)
» ms3d (Milkshape)
» FBX (Autodesk, 3DGameStudio)
» x (DirectX)
» DAE (Collada)
» DBO (DarkBasic)
» b3d (Blitz Basic)
» u3d (Ultimate Unwrap)
» c4d (Cinema4D)

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