DEXSOFT-GAMES – Industrial 2. model pack

DEXSOFT-GAMES – Industrial 2. model pack

DEXSOFT-GAMES – Industrial 2. model pack
3D models | 471 MB

This pack contains 111 models (including all LOD stages), 60 unique models. The pack is a remake of our old industrial 2 pack. To gain better and consistent quality of meshes and textures we created them from scratch. The new pack provides more models, is more optimized, more consistent and uses less materials. The new pack also contains many parts to be used as a construction kit to create more variations of buildings and facilities.

Additional textures for normal, height, spec and opacity maps are included (up to 1024px).
Many objects share the same textures to save texture memory. Compared to the old industrial 2 pack these textures are more detailed and tile better. Normal and spec maps are tested in real-time situations and are perfectly tuned.
Some of the models (like the wire fences) include transparency/opacity data in the alpha channel of the diffuse texture. To display them right you need an alpha-test or alpha-blending material and 2-sided rendering.

Available 3d model formats:

» UnityPackage (Unity) NEW!!!
» lwo (Lightwave)
» obj (Wavefront)
» dts (Torque, batch convert textures to PNG, please)
» DAE (Collada)
» b3d (Blitz 3D)
» ms3d (Milkshape)
» dbo (DarkBasic)
» x (DirectX)
» u3d (Ultimate Unwrap 3D)

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