Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Video 3.0.6 for After Effects

Digital Anarchy Beauty Box Video 3.0.6 for After Effects

Beauty Box Video — плагин After Effects для ретуширования кожи, который дает вашему актеру или модели невероятные преобразования в пост-продакшн, используя внутренние алгоритмы распознавания лиц и сглаживания. Этот Video FX плагин автоматически определяет тон кожи и автоматически удаляет недостатки, оставляя важные детали лица. Видео редакторам и художникам больше не придется вручную создавать маски или ретушировать кадр за кадром.

Будете ли вы это использовать для художественного фильма, клипа или корпоративого видео, плагин Anarchy's Beauty Box Video — мощный инструмент для любого производства, что в итоге поможет людям в кадре выглядеть намного лучше.

Beauty Box Video 3 takes the best selling and most awarded skin smoothing technology available and makes it even better. We've improved the automatic mask which gives you more precise skin retouching capabilities and added in presets to give you a variety of styles on top of the main functionality of smoothing out wrinkles and blemishes.

Beauty Box Video 3 skin retouching plugin gives your actor or model an incredible makeover in post-production by incorporating state-of-the-art face detection and smoothing algorithms. This video effects plugin automatically identifies the skin tones and remove imperfections, while leaving important facial details sharp. Video editors and artists no longer have to manually create masks or retouch frame by frame. Whether it is used for a feature film, music video or a corporate talking head, Digital Anarchy's Beauty Box Video Plugin is a powerful tool for any production that requires people to look their best.

Beauty Box Video 3 is the makeup artist who you don't have the time or budget to afford. Our skin retouching video plugin for After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro and OpenFX applications is simple to use. This video effects software saves hours of your production time while making your client look years younger.

Great features in Beauty Box Video version 3:

Better Masking: We're now using multiple algorithms to determine what the skin tone is. This creates a much better mask, and better retouching as a result.
Faster Rendering: A complete rewrite of the skin smoothing algorithm means Beauty Box Video is up to 300% faster on ATI and Nvidia cards.
Shine Removal: Get rid of hot spots caused by shiny skin and bright lights! This feature dramatically reduces the effect of poor lighting conditions.
Preset Styles: These now dozens of presets Styles to add effects and color corrections to your footage. It's a very easy way of giving your footage a stylized look, whether you're just adding a bit of glow or want a 'day to night' effect.

Amazing Skin Smoothing controls

The Skin Smoothing controls in the Beauty Box Video plugin work together to smooth over wrinkles and blemishes in your subject's skin tones. Smoothing Amount is the main control. The higher you set Amount, the more skin smoothing you will have. The Skin Smoothing effect is also a new technology. It keeps the important features of the face sharp while reducing or eliminating wrinkles and blemishes. Built-in sharpening keeps important details like facial features.

The magic automatic buttons

The two magic buttons: Analyze Frame and Analyze All. This is where the real work happens, yet you barely have to do anything with this video plugin. Click Analyze Frame to sample a frame and set the skin tones that will be smoothed throughout your footage. Alternately, click Analyze All to set multiple frames as the sample point. It's an automatic process that gives great results.

Change the results quickly

There are many easy ways to use the Beauty Box skin retouching plugin. Use the two Analyze buttons to automatically create a smoothing mask. Make adjustments to the skin smoothing effects with the Skin Smoothing tools. Make changes to the mask itself with built-in Mask tools to draw, edit or import a custom mask. Or use fine-tuning controls like Add Grain to preserve important details like facial features. It's all easy to do.

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