CodeCanyon - Booking System PRO v2.0.4 (WordPress Plugin)

CodeCanyon - Booking System PRO v2.0.4 (WordPress Plugin)

CodeCanyon - Booking System PRO v2.0.4 (WordPress Plugin)

This Plugin will help you to easily create a booking/reservation system into your WordPress website or blog. The Booking System will display calendars for users to see availability and book dates and hours.
Booking System PRO is great for booking, make appointments or schedule Apartments, Bars, Babysitters, Boats, Cabins, Cars, Cars, Chefs, Cinemas, Clubs, Dance Instructors, Dentists, Doctors, Estheticians, Hairdresser, Health Clubs, Lawyers, Make-up Specialists, Massage Therapists, Music Bands, Nail Salons, Personal Trainers, Pet Care, Photographers, Pilates Instructors, Restaurants, Spas, Sport Coaches, Taxi Companies, Theaters, Villas ...

Update 2.0.4 (2014-10-20)

* "Locations" added. Create a location and add booking calendars to it.
* "Search" added. Use this feature to search for availability in multiple calendars.
* "Tools" added. Tools to help you with some of the booking system needs.
* All WordPress back end classes are unique.
* Booking notifications are sent using Gmail SMTP, bug fixed.
* Booking notifications can be set to use different methods to send emails to administrators and users.
* Booking notifications can use two SMTP servers, one for administrators and one for users.
* Booking notifications for administrators have Cc and Bcc fields, so that you can send them to multiple people.
* Calendar plugin display correctly in WooCommerce summary, bug fixed.
* Custom posts display the booking calendar, bug fixed.
* Database is created correctly when updating from a version older than 2.0, bug fixed.
* Discounts can be calculated including Extras price, in booking requests.
* PayPal payment calculates prices with decimal correctly, bug fixed.
* PHP function mysql_insert_id() has been replaced with $wpdb->insert_id, in WordPress back end.
* Retina ready, both front end calendar & back end administration area.
* Reservations calendar display the reservation corectly in last weekday, bug fixed.
* Role actions are set correctly for custom user roles, bug fixed.
* Special characters display correctly in WooCommerce cart, bug fixed.
* Taxes & fees percent value is calculated corrected from "Extras", in front end calendar plugin, bug fixed.
* Unpaid reservations do not display in WordPress back end, bug fixed.
* WooCommerce details display in reservations calendar, bug fixed.
* WooCommerce reservation do not duplicate when an order is made anymore, bug fixed.
* WooCommerce reservations with same day but different hours do not overlap anymore, bug fixed.
* WooCommerce shipping tax is not attached to a booking product anymore, bug fixed.

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