CodeCanyon - WooCommerce Request a Quote v1.27

CodeCanyon - WooCommerce Request a Quote v1.27

CodeCanyon - WooCommerce Request a Quote v1.27

The WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin for WordPress allows your visitors/customers to add products to a wishlist and submit an easy "request for a quote" from the Site Owner. This gives an opportunity for the Site Owner to give special rates based on the quantity/amount of the order. At the same time, allows the customer to bargain for better prices. It leads to better understanding and sales.

**Request For a Quote Changelog

2014.10.18 - version 1.27
* Added option to hide price if Add to Quote button enabled

2014.10.08 - version 1.26
* Removed unecessary alerts in the code

2014.10.02 - version 1.25
* Fixed show/hide Add to Quote button when variation selected/deselected

2014.10.02 - version 1.24

* Request a Quote and Add to Cart button visibility options at product and category level

2014.09.23 - version 1.23

* Fixed Postfix email issue, introduced new field

* Redirect after form submission

2014.09.05 - version 1.22

* Added filter for changing acknoledgement text

* Added support to Product Bundle Extension(limited)

2014.08.25 - version 1.21

* Fixed small bugs

* Added fields in Email Settings page to add flexibility to add styles to table for the email

* Look & feel of Quote list page in sync with checkout page

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