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All of this was likely brought on by vaccinations, bad food, flea and tick meds or all of the above.

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Can i take amoxicillin (amoxil) while i'm on citalopram for depression?
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But you need to take her to the vet to find the source of her sickness and not just dose her with medicine. also, cat and dog medicine doses are calculated according to weight ... very unlikely your cat and dog weight the same!
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Two days ago i was diagnosed with bronchitis and now im on amoxil which is an antibiotic medication. now this has developed a yeast infection for me, i still have 5 days ahead to finish the amoxil and im really scared i would give birth within those 5 days with a yeast infection.

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I just finished a course of anti-biotics(amoxil) for a middle ear infection yesterday and all last night and today i have been itching,sensitive, and just generally irritated down below. i am a female and fear it may have caused a yeast infection. should i go ahead and take a yeast infection treatment or will it go away within the next couple of days? i am not sensitive down there @ all and haven't had a yeast infection since my late teens but something is up. help!!
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The best advice is for you to take a medical examination with an appropriately designated doctor - if you pass, great; if you fail, you will not have wasted money on training and he may also be able to tell you how to rectify the conditions.
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