The Non-Designer's InDesign Book

The Non-Designer's InDesign Book

Eng | ISBN: 0321772849 | PDF | 240 pages | 23.7 MB

Many designers and photographers own the entire suite of Adobe's creative products,
but they manage to learn only one or two of the applications really well. If Adobe
InDesign CS5.5 is the one app in the suite that makes you feel like you're entering
a foreign country where you don't speak the language, Robin Williams provides the
perfect travel guide and translator in this new edition to the best-selling Non-
Designer's series.

This fun, straight-forward, four-color book includes many individual exercises
designed specifically to teach InDesign CS5.5 to beginners in such a way that you
can jump in at any point to learn a specific tool or technique. Along the way,
Robin offers design tips for making your work communicate appropriately and beautifulpass

I do everything in InDesign—letters to my io2-year-old Grandmother, recipes for friends, play lists for my Shakespeare reading groups, signage for events, dissertations for school.
When I write a book, I write it direcdy in InDesign. Booklets, banners, envelopes, door hangers, posters, flyers, postcards,
business cards and letterhead, bookmarks, greeting cards, menus, note pads, rack cards, table tents, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, bookplates, books, packaging, tickets, labels... the possibilities are endless!

And with the remarkable online printing sites where you can get professional color
printing for unbelievable prices, it is immensely useful to know the basics of
graphic design and how to use a page layout application such as InDesign.
Or if you want to create product such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, hats, one-off
posters, dog clothes, postage stamps, or even jewelry boxes, you can create
and upload files to sites such as CafePress.com or Zazzle.com, then buy them
for yourself or make them available to the public. Such a world we live in!

The Non-Designer's InDesign Book
The Non-Designer's InDesign Book
The Non-Designer's InDesign Book
The Non-Designer's InDesign Book
The Non-Designer's InDesign Book
The Non-Designer's InDesign Book

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