A World in HDR

A World in HDR

English | ISBN: 0321679946 | PDF | 216 pages | 39,9 mb

This book could have only come from the mind of
Trey Ratcliff. He has the unique
perspective of someone who is not a full-time
professional shooter yet can produce
more fi nished art shot in exotic locations
than any pro I can think of. I’ve been
his adventures through the daily posts on his
I’m simply amazed that he can handle
working at a “real job” while producing
a constant stream of top-notch images.
His passion for photography comes through in
this book, where he guides you
through each shot, giving you a sense for what
he was thinking when shooting and
just enough technical details to give you a
sense for what was needed to make the
image successful. Along with that comes a
healthy dose of imagery that really shows
off what HDR is capable of. He also shares with
you his approach to photography
in general and helps explain why HDR
photography can capture an image that is
often closer to how your brain interpreted a
scene than to what a single image capture
could produce.
Here you’re given equal doses of inspiration,
example, and tutorial that make this
a unique book that would feel quite at home on
the coffee table, and it almost
feels like a shame to let it hide away on a
shelf populated with a bunch of Photoshop
technical tomes.

What’s refreshing about this book is that Trey
does not get bogged down in overly
technical discussions where you feel you might
need a dictionary at your side to
make it through a chapter. Many other HDR books
seem to have more of a technician’s
perspective where it is uncertain if the author
is capable of producing
aesthetically pleasing imagery. Trey, on the
other hand, stays focused on the artistic
process from how to think when shooting to how
to work your image from
start to fi nish. He also avoids wasting your
time by not trying to explain features
that do not relate to photography, and he is
not afraid to ignore features that he
doesn’t fi nd to be useful. That makes for a
book that is easy to read and can keep
any artist’s interest. By the time you fi nish
the book, you just might fi nd yourself
planning a vacation trip to one of the
destinations shown in the book.
Ben Willmore

A World in HDR
A World in HDR
A World in HDR
A World in HDR
A World in HDR
A World in HDR

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