Creative DSLR Photography

Creative DSLR Photography

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What is photography? A simple question but one with many
answers. Perhaps the simplest answer is – an individual
interpretation of a visual world. The key words here are visual
and individual. Very obviously, photography is all about light and
without light photography simply doesn’t exist. Light enables us
to see, creating colors and shapes, tones and textures.

Creative DSLR Photography
Creative DSLR Photography

With seeing, the interpretation starts. We all see colors and tones
slightly diff erently. Your purple may not be quite the same as my
purple but, unless your vision is impaired by color blindness, we
see colors distinctively enough to be able to distinguish one from
another, then label and identify them.

Creative DSLR Photography
Creative DSLR Photography
Creative DSLR Photography

Every photographer, when they fi rst start photography, has
trouble seeing an image and then capturing it. We’ve all returned
from a photo shoot to be greeted with the disappointment
of the photograph, on the computer screen or in the print,
looking nothing like we saw it at the time we captured it. It’s very
frustrating and, at times, it feels like you’re the only person who
can’t get the image you want. You aren’t and you will progress
beyond this point.

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